Odawara Handmade Soba “Tagoto” English Information



Handmade Soba Noodles Restaurant “TAGOTO” English Information

More Than 300years Traditional Handmade Soba

Spending a Lot of Time and Care on Making Soba Noodles...
Every Day for 60years

Kneading, rolling and cutting... All the process of making soba noodles are totally handmade at Tagoto, close to Odawara castle in Kanagawa. In recent years, most restaurants use some prepared cooking ingredients by the big companies and factories. But Tagoto is different. We serve completely all handmade soba noodles, soup and fixings also handmade.

Please enjoy the traditional taste of Tagoto handmade soba before sold out!

“TAGOTO” Recommended Menu

Hot Soba Noodles

Kake(just in broth), Haikara(with tempra crambs), Tamago Toji(with cooked eggs on top), Curry Nanban(in a curry soup), Kashiwa Nanban(chicken with green onions), Tempura(with tempura on top), Yamakake(with Japanese yam), etc.

Cold Soba Noodles

Mori(served on a bamboo platter), Zaru(with dipping sauce), Tororo(with grated yam), Tenzaru(served with a dipping sauce and tempura), etc.

Rice Bowl Dishes

Oyakodon(topped with chicken and eggs), Tendon(deep-fried shrimp with special sauce), etc.

Restaurant Information

Name Handmade Soba Noodles “Tagoto”
Owner Kousuke Aizawa
Address Honcho 1-6-20, Odawara, Kanagawa 250-0012 JAPAN
Phone Number 0465-24-3030(Japanese Only)
Open 11:00a.m. to 15:00p.m. *Served while it lasts.
Close Wednesdays *Thursday if the Wednesday is a holiday
Seat 60seats
Parking Nearby municipal car parking space *Ticketing service over 2,000yen

Access Map

For Train

JR Tokaido Line “Odawara station” East Exit, 7min walk in the direction.

For Car

Atsugi bypass highway: From Ogikubo Exit or Odawara West Exit to Odawara Castle, 5min.
Seisho bypass highway: From Odawara Exit to Odawara Castle, 5min.